February 24, 2012

Training the Fillies

 It is late in February, but it feels like Spring. The temperatures have been in the upper 40's, some days high 50's. It has been a lousy winter for sleigh rides but a good winter for most everything else. It is nice not to feel the bitter cold when doing chores. It is nice that the wood pile hasn't had to work so hard at keeping us warm this year.

Another benefit to the warmer winter weather has been the ability to work the youngsters and the ponies. Leila and Jessie are in the early stages of training, now being harnessed with Diesel and ground driven. They are learning to keep up with him (although often failing miserably), learning to stand patiently (doing exceptionally well with that skill, I must say), and learning that cars, trucks and mailboxes on the street won't eat them up. The mailboxes have been a bit of a challenge for Leila but she has caught on fast.

Soon, very soon, the girls will make their way to Pennsylvania to work the fields. They will learn to plow, harrow and spread manure. They will be expected to go to market. I expect them to do very well. Once they return, it will be light work until they are three. Then, we will have a sharp pair of black Percherons on the job!

Leila and Diesel, day one.

Laila and Diesel on their way for training in the back pasture, day two.

Elaine with Diesel and Leila, day two.

Jessie on her first day with Diesel.