December 31, 2010

Eeeeek! A Mouse!

Although my husband would like the world to think that we are the only farm in America "sans meeses", we are not — especially now that our lovely Charlie and beloved Ledger are no longer on the prowl! Last night while preparing to dish out the dog food for Penny & Moses, Terry let out a bit of a man shriek when this little mouse crawled up his sleeve. Back into the dog food bag he went, and I managed to snap this picture of the little devil before Terry gently encourage him to make his great escape into the bushes outside. Happy New Year, everyone!

December 29, 2010

Last Call for Sleigh Rides!

Well, the title to this blog is a bit misleading. Truth is, there is no last call, as the snow has been all but completely blown away by 50 mile an hour winds. Today (Wednesday) the wind has died down and we substituted wagon rides instead of sleigh rides - but yesterday we managed to sneak in four lucky couples before the ground became too bare for sleigh runners! Here's hoping that we get more snow this winter so we may take the sleighs out again!

December 26, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

The first major snow storm of the season is none other than a blizzard. Beginning early this afternoon here at the farm, the wind is now howling and the snow is flying sideways. Although the horses were all out earlier today, by late afternoon it became apparent that they needed to be put in the barn early for the night, where they will be safe from the wind, the cold, and the snow. Our carriage rides logically cancelled for this evening. Sleigh rides are being booked for Tuesday, as the snow is predicted to continue well into tomorrow afternoon, with a total of 18 inches possible here in New London County. Days like to day, I have no doubt that our horses are grateful for a cozy barn to stay warm, safe and dry in!

December 16, 2010

A Hole in My Heart Big as Montana

Today has been a very, very dark day for us. Our puppy, Ledger, ran out into the road this morning and was killed in a "hit and run" - whoever did it, never stopped to take any sort of responsibility. Words can not express the deep sorrow I feel. Terry buried him in the frozen ground of the fish pond garden next to Charlay our cat (who ironically died under similar circumstances just a few weeks ago). My poor Ledger. I miss you so!

Photos: Top: When Ledger first came to us in January of this year - he and Charlay became best of friends.
Middle: Ledger and Moses, the best seat in the house.
Bottom: Ledger, just nine weeks old.

December 10, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Our new BFF Scot Haney from Channel 3 weather said yesterday morning that it was 12 degrees in Norwich. The day before, we blanketed Dolly, Danny & Dakota against the wind and frigid air (the greys have been blanketed for weeks already). Over the years, we have discovered that our horses prefer to be outdoors in the winter when the weather is clear - the cold doesn't seem to bother them at all. With round bales to feed on 24 hours a day, they eat constantly, which also keeps them warm.

This morning, less than 48 hours since the new blankets were put on the three musketeers, Danny's blanket is torn to shreds. This is Dakota's doing. He mouths everything like a puppy - always has. I imagine that blanket will come off this afternoon and I will attempt to do some sewing. Alas, with my sewing skills, I doubt it will do any good.

December 5, 2010

Taunton Parade and Filming in Hartford

It has been another crazy, busy long weekend for us at Cedar Knoll Farm. The last three days have been spent in numerous locations with multiple teams - Holyoke MA, Deep River, Middletown, East Haddam, Bloomfield, Taunton MA and Hartford. Tomorrow will be a busy day as well, but at least it will be spent here in Lisbon, and the horses (not their keepers) will get some time off, if only for a few days.

Sunday, Lincoln and the sleigh were in Taunton for their big parade, and I have heard through the grape vine that we made an appearance on the local news in Massachusetts. We'll have to see if we make it into the papers, too. Our second gig with Linc & the sleigh was filming a Christmas special for television in Hartford - more details when that will air! It has been an exciting little project for us, and we look forward to sharing it with the rest of Connecticut! In the words of some famous TV personalities, "Stay Tuned!"

Photos: Top & middle: Lincoln takes Santa & Mrs. Claus through the streets of Taunton, MA, for their annual Christmas Parade. Bottom: Filming with Santa in Hartford