December 5, 2010

Taunton Parade and Filming in Hartford

It has been another crazy, busy long weekend for us at Cedar Knoll Farm. The last three days have been spent in numerous locations with multiple teams - Holyoke MA, Deep River, Middletown, East Haddam, Bloomfield, Taunton MA and Hartford. Tomorrow will be a busy day as well, but at least it will be spent here in Lisbon, and the horses (not their keepers) will get some time off, if only for a few days.

Sunday, Lincoln and the sleigh were in Taunton for their big parade, and I have heard through the grape vine that we made an appearance on the local news in Massachusetts. We'll have to see if we make it into the papers, too. Our second gig with Linc & the sleigh was filming a Christmas special for television in Hartford - more details when that will air! It has been an exciting little project for us, and we look forward to sharing it with the rest of Connecticut! In the words of some famous TV personalities, "Stay Tuned!"

Photos: Top & middle: Lincoln takes Santa & Mrs. Claus through the streets of Taunton, MA, for their annual Christmas Parade. Bottom: Filming with Santa in Hartford

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