May 25, 2012

Spring Preparations are Done

An annual event, "Plowing the Community Garden" in Wilbraham, MA,
prepares 2 acres  of vegetable gardens, all by horse power. Our all around best team,
Danny & Dakota, on our hydraulic plow. The photo is by friend, Tory MacDonald.

Terry, harrowing with a line of five. This field of 20 acres or so will grow tobacco.
The harrow is a pin-tooth harrow.

June is just about here. Almost half way through 2012. Fields have been plowed, pin harrowed, disk harrowed, some already planted by their farmers. First cut hay was put up last week. As you can see from previous blogs, Spring was loaded with acres and acres of work and preparation for us and the horses. Now, the organic, community, and commercial crops can grow, and the fun stuff  - carriage rides, weddings, pony train - can get into full swing!