April 17, 2013

Spring Plowing is Here

Terry with Diesel and Diamond (photo courtesy friend Posey Clements)

The strong backs of our Percheron work horses, Diesel and Dolly

Spring is here, and so is plowing season. We have already plowed the ground of a two acre garden in Hampton, including the lower plot which offered up a bumpy ride this year (a lot of rocks came to the surface). Diesel, Diamond and Dolly worked hard, sweated a bit, and got the job done. Terry did all the  teamster work this year - I shot photos and video. Just did not have it in me to get bucked off the plow in that rocky field. It has been known to happen to the best of us, you know.

Competition plowing is coming up, as will the preparation of community gardens, and our own little garden, for planting. See you there!

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