October 29, 2009

Black Horses

The three black Percherons we had for sale are now in their new homes. Sunday we delivered "Mary" to her new owners, Patty and Dale, and her new team mate, Michael (a grey Percheron). They make a beautiful couple, I have to say! Patty and Dale seem to be very much in love with her, too, and we love that she is in a happy home. The team of blacks delivered on Saturday (Duke & Dutch) could not have gone to a more luxurious farm! A hundred acres or more of hill-top pastureland, wooded carriage trails, indoor/outdoor arenas and a state of the art barn that puts our humble HOUSE to shame has elevated this team from the hard-nock Amish life to the Good Life! We are very happy for Mary, Duke & Dutch and are very grateful to their new owners for their stewardship.

Photos: Top: Mary and Michael learning to work together. Mary's new owner, Dale, sits in the driver's seat with Terry.
Bottom: Having been asked by Duke & Dutch's new owner to give hay rides with them at his Hallowe'e'n party on Sunday, I snapped this picture while driving past a covered bridge on the property.

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  1. WE do love Mary. She is another blessing in our lives. Thank you guys for finding such a perfect match for Michael!