October 25, 2009

Rainy Saturday

Yesterday was rainy throughout the state, but that didn't keep us from winery tours and other business at the farm. The team of blacks went to their new home early in the morning (a real opulent home, I might add); winery tours went well, and we managed to stay relatively dry through the afternoon; and Matt Lewis came to work on horses.

Two Clydesdales and a pulling pony came to use the stocks. Matt worked so quickly on them that by the time I went out to take pictures, he was done. He then worked on Duke & Diesel, and we are happy to report that their feet are showing signs of improvement! Duke didn't need any apoxy at all, and Diesel needed less than last time. This is encouraging.

Pictures: Top: Terry at the winery with Danny & Dakota
Middle: Terry & Duke
Bottom: Matt working on hind feet

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