May 24, 2010

A Day for Winery Tours

Sunday was a day for horse & carriage winery tours. What a beautiful day it was, too! A bit of a threat from the skies early on, but the sun persevered and the afternoon turned bright and warm. The guests, as we are often inclined to say, were all very nice people.

Dolly has yet to foal. We are patiently waiting. Terry wonders if maybe she just hasn't gained a tremendous amount of weight...of course we know better. The vet will come out this week for a final check-up. Meanwhile, we pace the floor...

Our CT Open House Day, June 12, is shaping up nicely. We will have some surprise guests (yes, Dolly's foal MAY be one of them)...keep watching our blogs and our e-newsletters for updates! We hope you can all join us here!

1 comment:

  1. A carriage ride and wine tasting? What could be better! :)