May 3, 2010

Remember Cyrus?

How many of you remember Winter Hill's Cyrus? Our tall (18.1HH) Percheron that habitually ducked under the electric fence last year to make his great escape, only to be distracted by the lawn in our back yard? He is now in the very capable hands of our good friend, Linda, who has very ambitious yet attainable plans to take all the blues in the show ring with him this year. We took Cyrus and Lincoln up to Escoheg over the weekend, to work them together in the vast ring, to begin preparations and conditioning for the show season. While there, we met up with people who have taken driving workshops with us, and their son was given the opportunity to drive Lincoln (who is also one of our lesson horses), again. What a beautiful day. We have high hopes for Cyrus! He has always been such a regal horse!

Photos: Top: Linda and Cyrus, on her new "back-to-back" cart. Second: Young Matt driving Lincoln. Third: Terry ground driving Lincoln (near) and Cyrus. What a huge difference in size! Last: Me with Lincoln (left) and Linda and Ed with Cyrus.

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