July 28, 2010

Life in the Back Pasture

That time of year again, when we move the horses to the back pasture. They are being introduced slowly, but are loving it! They run, they leap, they roll, and they grab a mouth full of tall grass as they wade through the back pasture like a swimmer wades through eel grass.

When their time is up, however, and they see us coming down the road to fetch them, the horses move towards the gate and wait. They are happy to see us again. They are content to know that they will be back in the cool shade of the barn, standing at the watering trough, drinking their fill. Work, play and rest. It is a fine balance for a horse!

Photos: Top: Lincoln rolls, and Terry reaches out to pat him as he begins to stand up again.
2: Enjoying the tall grass, Lincoln gallops and leaps past me.
3: Gillette, my sweet Gillette.
4: Taking Danny & Dakota to the pasture on the back of the tractor. We estimate that a round trip from barnyard to pasture is approximately 1/4 mile.
Bottom: Danny & Dakota

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