February 4, 2011

After Ella, Ice Everywhere

Here we are two days after Ella left her mark on the state (and on at least 9 other states, so I hear). Two days of snow, rain and sleet left us with quite a mess, on top of the three feet of snow already covering the ground. Our electric fence is literally buried in spots, but that hasn't done anything to short it out — it will still knock you on the ground! The only trouble is, it barely stands above our horses' knees. They are ever respectful of it, however, and leap and turn in the air before they reach the fence line.

These photos were taken yesterday morning, after the horses had been let out for the first time in days. Naturally, the camera wasn't in hand when they were first all released into the paddock. Had I had the camera at that moment, you would be seeing pictures of all seven galloping full tilt, sparring with one another, and rolling in multiple spots, as if to shake the winter blues from their manes. I tell you, it worked!

Photos: Duke & Diesel inspect the empty water trough, and wait for the hose to be turned on. After running and bucking and rolling in the snow, they all calmed right down and went to work on the round bale we put out for them.

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