February 2, 2011

Dive into Driving

This issue of the Horseman's Yankee Pedlar not only has my monthly driving column, Driving Heads Up, but a feature article I wrote titled Dive into Driving, a "how-to & why-to" for getting involved in driving clubs throughout the North East. Click on the title of this blog to go directly to the article on-line! Or, be sure to subscribe to the Pedlar for your reading enjoyment, 12 times a year!

If you go to the Pedlar's home page www.pedlar.com, you will see a box on the left hand side that lists the top five most popular articles. Did you know, two of the five, Hitch Horses: Impressing the Generations, and The Art of Sleighing, are both articles written by me, Elaine Joseph? It feels good to know, years later, that not one but TWO of my articles remain in the top five most popular HYP articles!!! Testimony to the power of the carriage horse!

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