May 2, 2011

Gore Place

Cedar Knoll Farm was in a lovely suburb of Boston on Saturday, at a museum and farm called "Gore Place". It was a "gentleman's farm" for the one-time governor of Massachusetts, Christopher Gore (1806). As part of their annual "Sheep Sheering" event, we participated by giving horse drawn wagon rides and plowing demonstrations. We are told that nearly ten thousand people were there that one day! The lines were tremendous, and it was one of the year's highlights for us, so far, as an enjoyable venue. We are looking forward to returning next year!

Photos: Top: Terry plowing with the new team, Sam and Cody.
Second: Waiting for the tractor to drop off visitors, Terry shared his knowledge of plowing with horses with folks from the city.
Third: Elaine driving Danny and Dakota on the pioneer wagon.
Fourth: Tools of the trade - a 1900 lb hydraulic plow, two types of wrenches and "harness tape" hang conveniently from a lever on the plow.
Bottom: Terry, on what he considers to be "the best seat in the house".

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