May 20, 2011

Happiness Is...

...A Warm Puppy!

Meet Lucy, Terry's new pride and joy. He has been thinking long and hard since the loss of our beloved Blue Tick, Penny, about what kind of dog he would like this time. He had entertained the thought of an Aussie and a couple other, very loyal breeds he could take on road trips with him. In the end, however, the bay of the Coon Hound just runs too thick in this man's blood, and simply left him with little option.

Having learned of a coon hound breeder here in Connecticut quite by accident a few days ago, he made a call and secured a female. The odd thing is, however, that we traveled to the shoreline yesterday thinking we were getting a Red Bone - for whatever reason, Terry had it stuck in his head that the breeder had Red Bones. You can imagine our surprise and joy when we drove up to his house to see a yard full of tumbling blue and black puppies! The voice of their father, a handsome show and trial champion, sent chills up the spine! Our little Lucy already displays the good voice of a well bred Blue Tick, and we can not be happier.

In the car on the way home, I drove and Terry held the puppy in his arms. We reminisced about the day nine years ago (almost TO the day, as a matter of fact) that we brought Penny home. We named the new puppy Lucy in honor of Penny Lucia (Penny's middle name came from my mother's, the Italian version of Lucy), and it fits her beautifully. Of course, she is already her "daddy's" girl. She nestles in his arms and looks at him lovingly, licking his hands and face. The old saying goes that a dog knows a man's character better than the man does. Lucy, of course, already knows that her new man has coon hound blood in his veins, and feels right at home.


  1. Love this article so beautifully and lovingly written. very happy for you both to begin filling that hole in your hearts. I look forward to meeting Lucy!

  2. Beautiful pup and great images and writing.

    I'm sure it will be the start of a sweet relationship

  3. Thank you both! Terry is out "joyriding" with Lucy in his truck as we speak!