June 3, 2011

When in Rome...

...do as the Roman's do! This is the motto that Terry lives by, pretty much on a weekly basis. Not a day goes by when in Pennsylvania that his bosom buddy, Paul, doesn't coral him into daily chores on the farm. The thing is, chores here consist not just of feeding livestock, or of moving horses to the sale barn or selling them to Amish half the state away; it is plowing, discing, harrowing, mowing, planting, baling, harvesting, putting up tobacco, baling tobacco, picking pumpkins, etc, etc. Earlier this week, he baled hay and planted tobacco. All, naturally, by horse power.

Photos: Top: Terry takes the reins and bales the alfalfa fields. The counter read 430 bales at the end of the day. Paul's sons Timmy and Wesley stack the bales on the hay wagon.
Middle: The tobacco "planters" separate the plants, place the plant in the mechanism at the center of the planter, and the mechanism plants the tobacco in the harrowed ground! The driver sits atop a water barrel which continuously waters the newly planted tobacco.
Bottom: Tobacco planting is a three person job.

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