June 6, 2011

Wine and Weddings

Winery tours, a wedding, a birthday party and country carriage rides filled this exquisite weekend in June! Each moment from sunrise to sunset was enjoyed in glorious sunshine and cool breezes. On Sunday night, the first round bales of the season were placed in the paddocks. As is evident by the picture of Danny and Dakota at their bale, our horses eat well!

Photos: Top: "To the Vineyard" - Saturday had us doing winery tours.
Second: The surrey-top wagonette was in use on Saturday for large groups to the winery.
Third: Saturday night's wedding was held at a local religious retreat. Sam and Cody joined us for a double shift that day!
Fourth: Sunday had us at a birthday party and doing country carriage rides from the farm. Here Danny & Dakota were placed on the white wedding carriage for a newly married couple's carriage ride through the country side.
Last: These round bales, at about 800lbs each, will feed each team for five or six days.

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