July 25, 2011

Another Baraat

Sunday night topped off an extremely busy four days for us here at Cedar Knoll Farm. This Pakistani Baraat ceremony took place at the Branford House, Avery Point in Groton. This Baraat was particularly high class - with over 400 guests in attendance, the bride and groom made a great effort to impress.

One of the elements of a high end Baraat, of course, is the white horse. Another element is the Dohl player (drummer). According to our Dohl player, Raj Patel from Mansfield, this reception had numerous Hookahs (smoking pipes) set up under the massive tent. He said that was very unusual and only reserved for the higher class weddings. ANOTHER traditional element that we, in particular, adore is the blessing of the Baraat horse money. All the women from the groom's side pass money over the groom's wedding frock, and hand it to the horseman. Just a fancy way for receiving a hefty tip!

Photos: Top: It is an honor to ride the grooms horse, as well as to protect the groom with the umbrella. Here a young relative rides with the groom.
Second: The Dohl player drums frantically in front of Gillette as the guests dance around the groom.
Third: Although most of the groom's people seemed very modern, many women at the wedding wore full veils over their faces.
Fourth: A family member passes money over the groom's frock to bless it for the horseman.