August 8, 2011

What's New?

There have been a few developments here at Cedar Knoll Farm, one of which is the acquisition of a phenomenal driving pony, whom we named Buttercup. Buttercup's role here at Cedar Knoll will become more apparent to you all as time goes on. Needless to say, we are excited to have him here and are enjoying him!

Another development has been the hatching of three adorable little ducklings, just this morning as a matter of fact. Two yellow and one brown, I believe the yellow shall grow up to be white and the brown will likely retain the feral look of his mama. No ugly ducklings here!

Less happy go-lucky news: I spent the day nursing what turned out to be impaction colic in one of our yearlings, Jessie. Lucky for us I caught it early, took her out of the paddock before she did any damage by aggressively rolling; walked her, bathed her, gave her banamine, called the vet. Friends Linda and Ed, always there when needed, hurried over with a concoction of epsom salts and Karo syrup, an old timer's recipe which acts as a laxative. By the time the vet got here, Jessie was relaxed, her gums were pink, and she handled herself like a lady. The vet did think it was best to check for impaction or a twist, and sure enough, found an impaction. A gallon of mineral oil was administered, and I spent the remainder of the day keeping watch. She nibbled hay, she has passed manure numerous times now (always a happy moment to the horseman who isn't sure if his horse's innards are working properly), and she seems to be well on her way to recovery.

Photos: Top: Terry takes my mother on a "pony ride" with Buttercup at Sunday's Cedar Knoll Party. We had 70 friends here for a BBQ!
Middle: Me and Buttercup.
Bottom: Three ducklings, none of which are in the least bit ugly.

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  1. Glad to hear the filly is okay, colic is scary! The new pony Buttercup is as adorable as her name. Love the ducklings too, is anything sweeter than a duckling? :)