August 22, 2011

Jessie and Bullfrogs

Things have been so busy here at Cedar Knoll that, as usual, I am apologizing for not blogging! Jessie as most of you know has been "off". Although her bout with colic has come and gone without too much fanfare, she wound up with a high temp just a day or two later, and we are still waiting to hear the results of blood tests. The vet has numerous suspicions (Lyme being one of them, naturally) and we are in the waiting game stage. Her temp has been normal, however, and her demeanor is good, as is her appetite. We put two loads of sand in the fillies' paddock, to help clean things up a bit (heavy rains haven't helped things around here, in terms of muddy conditions). Although sand in paddocks and stalls can pose a threat to sand colic, the fillies eat out of a hay manger so we think the benefit will outweigh the risk.

My pond garden is growing well, filling in nicely. Again, the rain. What might make a mess in one area of the farm is not only beneficial but mandatory to other areas! The goldfish (barely visible in the above picture) all come to the surface on cool days, and hide when it is warm. We have a whole colony of bull frogs, big enough to be bonafide princes in disguise, but they all jumped in the water as I snapped this shot. I need to sit in the garden not with my iPhone but a zoom lens to capture the wildlife around here!

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