September 8, 2011

Hurricane Irene

It has been a couple of weeks since we had opportunity to post anything to this blog. Hurricane Irene wrecked havoc here on the eastern seaboard, from South Carolina all the way to Maine. We had heavy rains and wind, which knocked down trees onto power lines and kept us in the dark for 6 days. Wouldn't you know, with two generators on standby, neither one worked when we needed them, and we waited five days for a borrowed one. Although we had water stockpiled in holding tanks, they only lasted us so long and we were going back and forth to the neighboring stable, who had a generator hooked up to a pump in their their farm pond, for water. Showers were taken at my parents' house a half hour from here. No lights, TV or internet meant going to bed early, and reading a good book during some quiet time. By the fifth day, that generator was a god-send to this little farm with its big horses - but still, we enjoyed some of the quietude the storm allowed us.

Photos: Top: During the height of the storm, the dogs wrestled each other on the couch, undoubtably grateful for being allowed to stay indoors and out of the rain.
Bottom: A large tree came dow from across the road, downing power lines a narowly missing our neighbor's house.


  1. Cooped up dogs playing on the couch! A familiar scene here in SW Virginia the past few days!

  2. Wow this was an impact. Even though the power was off I know just how much I love the peace and quiet and candle light at night. I know I could never get bored of this. Glad to hear you are okay and back on the go now, pulled back into the 21st Century.