September 24, 2011

Full Steam Ahead (into Fall)

Last time I looked, it was still Summer. Warm temperatures and sunny days abounded. But suddenly, Fall is upon us and our schedule went from moderate to sometimes nearly impossible. We are now at TWO Scott's Orchards - our long-time favorite venue in Glastonbury (Woody's) and now in Deep River for the first season ever (Winston's, Woody's brother). We are loving it. Other long time contracts are being fulfilled and we are loving them, too, in both city settings and country, in state and out. And, of course, the weddings.

We have a new addition to the family, too. Skittles. Adopted from a state rescue, Skittles is a sweet natured appy pony, with the same reddish brown coloring as Buttercup, only with a splattering of spots. We are hoping they will make a good little pony pair! Until we can evaluate Skittles' abilities, he and Buttercup are getting to know each other, and getting along quite well!

Photos: Top: Danny & Dakota at Edgerton Park's "Sunday in the Park".
Second: Diesel and Lincoln are overshadowed by a ballerina on stilts at Edgerton Park.
Third: Chatham Square is hands down one of our most favorite venues!
Fourth: Our "new" Scott's Orchard, in Deep River: Visit us at Scott's Orchard and Nursery in Glastonbury, too!
Bottom: Skittles (left) and Buttercup.

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