August 13, 2009

Duke & Diesel Get New Shoes

Our farrier was here again today, putting shoes on Duke & Diesel. We have been guarding their feet for two weeks, since Duke lost his hind shoe and put a nail through the sole of his foot. Duke shows no sign of lameness in that foot, and both horses have been re-shod with apoxy on the back feet (the front seem to be pretty good, at least for now). Duke has a bit of thrush in front so Matt cut out a hole in the pad for the frog, and we are soaking it in bleach. We will do this until the thrush disappears.

It would appear that after five days of the round bales, our horses are going to need new bales tomorrow. That's not so bad! We hope to get some tomorrow and maybe over the weekend, too, if we can figure a way to store them for now.

Photo: Terry with Matt, working on Diesel. "In the 49 years I have owned horses," says Terry, "I can honestly say that Matt Lewis is one of the best farriers I have ever seen." You have to know he means it, too.

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