August 7, 2009

Wandering Around the Farm...

It has been an entire week since I last blogged about what is happening here at the farm. Duke's hind foot is much better, but with our farrier out to sea hooking sharks(!) we continue to leave Duke & Diesel in the barn most of the day to protect their feet. Matt should be coming early this week to re-shoe them - none to soon as they are needed for a wedding next Sunday and maybe even wagon rides Saturday (may choose to use Danny & Dakota on Saturday instead).

We have another sale horse here at the barn - a 14 year old Standardbred gelding, fresh off the PA streets! He is a very mild tempered driver, easy keeper, sweet temperament. Visit our website to learn more about him!

Photos: Top: Duke & Diesel get a break from their stalls and roam the farm from the OUTSIDE of the fence!

Bottom: Skeeter, the Standardbred we are offering for sale.

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