August 14, 2009

Hay Days

After six full days at the first round bales, we have had to give the horses another bale in each paddock. We are very, very pleased with the outcome of our round bale experiment, as we estimate we are saving approximately $16.00 per day on hay for these six horses, or $112.00 a week. (Duke & Diesel, the standardbred, the three ponies, and the goats continue to consume square bales at this point). This weekend we will have more round bales delivered, and, since Duke & Diesel are now out in the back pasture at night, they will likely get a round bale, too, which will save us even more.

Pictured: Top: Terry raking some of the old hay up to create a "bed" for the new bale. Meanwhile, the greys (Gillette & Lincoln shown here) are happy to have a tail-gate party.

Middle: Danny & Dakota chase Terry's truck as he brings a new bale to Dolly & the bays.

Bottom: Non-stop eating, and it shows - Danny Dakota & Dolly.

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