April 27, 2010

Food, Inc.

Words can not express how important this film is. Watch it through April 28th (midnight) on-line by clicking the title to this blog entry. Know where your food comes from! Know why we are riddled with cancer and other debilitating illness. Know why our borders are, in fact NOT properly patrolled. Know who is really governing our government and consequentially, us. So what are YOU going to do about it?


  1. I meant to comment about this post but did it on the previous one.
    Yes, the film really knocked my socks off. I have not forgotten the message there.

  2. I have gone pretty much organic and vegetarian because of this film and "The Beautiful Truth".

  3. Hi hear you both! We have been very conscious for years about the hand these giant corporations hold over us, but this film has definitely shed an even greater light on things! Be sure to pass this link on!

  4. The flip side of the food issue is also educating people and making real food less expensive for the average person.

    Public demand and pricing is also what pushes industry to feed us (pardon the pun) crap. People buy it. People demand it. They want strawberries in February and portion sized chicken. And they want it cheaply.

    I could go on and on, its a real bugbear for me, the whole food industry,and how its changed the face of farming and the health of populations.

    We grow our own veg and some fruits organically, even with our short season here. And we raise our own animals for meat. I then know how they were treated, what they ate, etc.