April 6, 2010

Our 48' Box Trailer, Revised

Our trailer is back home, ramp installed and winch in place. Terry tried out the ramp with Duke, who obviously had no issue with it. New floor, e-track and bars complete the renovation. The tractor/trailer is ready to roll again. Two horses were loaded in the middle of the night, and Terry is off to PA with them today.

Toby, the cute little quarter horse we have had here for sale, sold yesterday. He was taken down the road in an open bridle and did well, so they bought him. Open bridle isn't something we usually do! It speaks volumes for that little horse.

Another article by me is out: "Horse Power" in the April/May issue of MA Horse Magazine. Go to http://www.mahorse.com and click on the on-line version of the magazine to read it. Let me know what you think!

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