April 2, 2010

A Reliable Energy Source

After the ordeal with our F550 (which, incidentally, is once again sitting in our barnyard with a new engine under the hood), we pledged to let the horses do the local runs. Just before heading to PA, Terry and I took the log splitter back to friend Joe Rainville in Sprague, hooking it up to the forecart - a good 10 mile trek.

Danny and Dakota - a truly reliable energy source!

Photos: Top: Terry stops in front of an historic house on the Hanover/Canterbury line.
Middle: Danny & Dakota heading down Joe's driveway.
Bottom: Terry took this picture of me in front of the mill in Sprague.

Hay Diaries: I put round bales in the paddocks for the grays and the bays on the evening of March 31. Today is April 2. We will be lucky if the gray's last until tomorrow morning. I had no choice - I was running out of square bales and the sale team, Dolly and the light horses need those. Terry came in with a full load of square bales last night, so we are set to go again, at least for a while.

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  1. That looks like alot of fun,you must have had that ''Amish feeling'' ! Don't let the animal extremists shear you went 10 miles,they'd have you in Peta jail ! Happy Easter! Anita