June 22, 2010

Dolly & Leila

Eleven months ago to the day, Dolly came home from New Hampshire where she had been field bred by Charmingfare Farm's Hobbs, a direct son of Windermere's King Kong. In spite of predictions from the vet that Dolly was to foal nearly three weeks ago, she held out to the final hour, and had her baby last night, just before midnight.

The filly, named "Leila" by Maegan in honor of a very beautiful friend, is black with a large white star. She is barely 10 hours old as I write this, but she is walking about, suckling, and trying to scratch her chin by standing on three legs. Dolly, as would be expected, is very respectful of us while handling her filly, but isattentive and protective as well. Dolly's work partner, Lincoln, has been standing at the gate looking over and hollering to Dolly and her foal since last night. He, especially, seems to know that there has been a drastic change here at Cedar Knoll Farm!

Photos: Top: Lincoln stands attentively at the gate, hollering to Dolly and her new foal.
2. Dolly, the morning of June 21, just 12 hours before giving birth.
3, 4, and 5: Dolly and her baby, Leila.

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