June 14, 2010

Rain Doesn't Dampen the Day

The carriage industry is often thought of as a fair weather kind of business. In fact, it would be hard to make a living at it if we only went out when the sun was shining. Saturday, June 12, was no exception to the rule, "When it rains, put the top up and carry an umbrella."

We participated in the state wide "CT Open House Day" with an open house of our own, welcoming visitors with carriage rides in the surrey-top wagonette and with many animal displays, including mini donkeys, twin baby donkeys, and a Mammoth Jack from the Lavoie's of Franklin. John & Melissa Lavoie, who we bought our rare-breed peacocks from, were kind enough to set up a wonderful display for our visitors, allowing them to interact with their animals. John & Margaret Digi of Paradise Stables on the Cape helped out by driving all day, and the Naegeli family (Patty, Dale & Whitney) volunteered their time, too. Although the rain came down heavy at times, we did manage to pull in a number of visitors, who enjoyed carriage rides and good food.

Two weddings were also accomplished by us on June 12, one in Noank by the water, the other at Gillette's Castle. Incidentally, our beloved Gillette was named after this castle, but because he is now in retirement, Lincoln did the honors at both locations.

Photos: Top: John Digi helped out by driving Duke & Diesel all day at our Open House.
Center: John Lavoie and friend Kit show off one of their donkeys at our farm.
Bottom: Lincoln at Gillette's Castle.

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