June 28, 2010

Halter Breaking the Filly

Leila is seven days old today, and yesterday she was fitted for a halter for the first time. It is a halter for a mini at this point, but she will outgrow it quickly. At the end of the lead rope, she balks and tugs and gets wild eyed at being asked to move forward, but, following mamma, she is starting to get the hang of it. Now, she will be handled every day like this, and will quickly be acustomed to having the halter put on and taken off, and led around the barnyard.

Saturday, friend Patty Naegeli came for her new mini, "Sadie". She is a lovely mare, and Patty has al
ready shared pictures of her being ground driven. Sadie came from an Amish breeder. They use their minis for everything, including mowing the lawn! Patty is considering a mini donkey as well, and Terry has found a breeder for them, as well - a cousin to the mini horse breeder.

Photos: Top: Leila gets a halter for the first time.
Second: Learning to lead with a halter on your head and a rope under your chin is hard work: Leila lays down in Dolly's hay pile to go to sleep.
Third: A baby mini donkey, of the colorful variety.
Fourth: Mowing with minis
Last: Sadie, with Raj.

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  1. great photos,Leila looks very sweet and smart,what another wonderful horse you will have ! Leila will always be special since she was born at your home! love,Anita