October 18, 2010

Are We Deep Into Autumn Already?

It seems like just moments ago that I was blogging about Leila being born, sunny weddings and summer carriage rides. Orchard wagon rides, even. But can it be? Are we nearing Harvest Time, with cooler temperatures, shorter days, wooly horses, and the chore of securing our heat for the winter?

The wagon rides at Scott's Orchard are finished. It has been nearly a month and a half since I first blogged about our first day back at one of our favorite venues. Other favorite venues came and went as well - some, which I was not able to be at because of additional carriage commitments elsewhere, I keep longing for! Good friends and business associates develop from these long-term contracts, and when I am not there personally, it creates a void in my heart.

With the colder days we see the Autumn contracts go and the winter contracts line up. And what a line-up it is for the coming holidays! We have some new and exciting venues and projects coming for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas season. Our hard work and dedication to these fine horses we call our family must be paying off in the public's eye! Keep checking back from time to time to see what is in store! We may even surprise you with some big adventures!

Photos: Top: Carriage rides at the Old Mill House in New London. Middle: You know winter is on its way when the ducks, chickens, and pea foul fluff their feathers against the wind. Bottom: Friend Joe helping Terry buck up wood to season for the wood stove.

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