October 1, 2010

Leila's Half Sister

Leila's half sister came home this evening! Having the same father, this filly is all legs, and is a bit bigger than Leila at this point (she is also a month older). She is lovely, and has a very quiet temperament. Leila seemed a bit taken aback that there is now someone her age to steal some of the attention. She'll get used to it, though! Tonight they are together in the box stall, Dolly in a standing stall next door. Tomorrow, Dolly will go in a separate paddock and these two girls will be together in another. The new filly has yet to be named, but we must do it soon and get her registered (she is the offspring of registered Percherons). Any suggestions?

Photos: Top: Leila's half sister has the same star on her forehead!
Bottom: This filly, one month older than Leila, promises to be tall, with long legs and large bone structure as a dead giveaway!

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