October 23, 2010

Silver Finds a New Home!

Yesterday was a windy, chilly day here at the farm. Peak color on the trees, surprisingly late this year. We spent nearly all day bringing up the fence from the back pasture to winter the horses closer to the barn. It will be far more convenient for watering and bringing them in once the weather turns brutal.

Another change made yesterday: our little rescue mini, Silver, has been adopted! We marvel at the change in this little man since we brought him in this summer. We never really did blog about him much, simply because we wanted to quietly find him the right home when the time was right. Terry brought him back from PA after seeing him being dragged in to the sale barn by a black cloaked man in a straw hat, skin and bones and scared to death. When he came here, you couldn't touch him without him flinching and cowering. Amazing what a lot of love, a lot of handling and good food and health care will do for a horse. He left here fat, happy, and much better adjusted to human touch. We wish our little Silver a happy, happy life at his new home!

Photos: Top: We knew by the way Silver responded to Mary the first time they met that she was to be his new adoptive mother. Second: Silver, in the rental van Mary brought to bring him home in. He has come such a long way since bringing him to Cedar Knoll, both emotionally and physically! Last two: Peak color at Cedar Knoll Farm on October 22, 2010

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  1. Its great to hear a good luck story. Silver was lucky to be rescued by caring people and now off to a happy life.