January 1, 2011

First Night Hartford

Thousands of people came out to celebrate New Years Eve in Hartford yesterday. The carousel was open in Bushnell Park, and while some lined up to ride the painted ponies, just as many lined up to ride with us on our wagons. Still others took advantage of the ice rink at the south end by the Pump House Gallery. Bright sunny skies and warm temperatures kept us comfortable all afternoon, and brought people out in droves.

Does anyone else notice how both teams (Danny & Dakota and Duke & Diesel) are in perfect stride in these pictures? I once heard an old teamster say, "Any two horses can be a pair, but only a TEAM works TOGETHER!" How true that is.

Photos: Top: Approaching the arch at Bushnell Park on First Night.
Second: Two of Hartford's finest patrolling the park on horseback.
Third: Danny and Dakota on the Polish Wagonette.
Last: Duke and Diesel on the Pioneer Wagon.

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