January 29, 2011

Pros & Cons of a Snowy Winter

I know I seem to be harping quite a bit about the snowfall we have had so far this winter. Who can help it? What does it mean for a farmer when there is 60" of snow to contend with? What it means is that we literally have mountains of piled snow, snow that needed to be bucketed out of the barnyard in order to move trucks and trailers, tractors and teams. We almost lost a 1200 lb bale of hay the other day because the tractor got stuck in the snow. Ice forms, and grows, daily from the eves of the house. My front door will not be accessible until Easter, I am sure, because the ice is so thick on the steps. On the other hand, our fire burns hot in our wood stove, and the dogs lay content all day. For the little pleasures winter affords us, we are grateful.

Photos: Top: Putting out a round bale, no easy task in this snow.
Second: A view of our humble house from the street.
Third: As the snow piles grow, so do the fillies. This is Leila, standing horse size already, at just 7 months old.
Bottom Photos: The dogs have it best. Penny & Simba stay by the fire all day.


  1. Ong- I will Never complain about our snow in PA again. Stay safe out there !
    WoodFinn Percherons

  2. Leila is growing so fast, as, quite apparently, are the snow drifts.....Stay safe and warm!