January 12, 2011

A Storm Called Benedict

The second major snow storm of the year is upon us. It envelopes us not in a sublime quietude, but in a howl of wind and swirling snow. It is predicted that by this evening, "Benedict" will drop better than 18"-24" of snow on eastern Connecticut. I have yet to venture out to measure the mound on the bird bath - usually an accurate indicator.

Naturally, all our animals are snug in their stalls, or roosting in their coops or on the rafters of the barn. It is unlikely that any of the horses will be put out today. Later towards evening, when the storm finally passes, we will get the tractor out and plow the barnyard. I imagine tomorrow we will offer sleigh rides. But for today, we will enjoy the indoors, the roaring fire in the wood stove, and the comfort and company of our three dogs.

Photos: Top: Waking up to significant snowfall - our barn and truck and trailer.
2nd: The bird coop.
3rd: The market wagon and bird bath in the front yard, all but completely covered.
Bottom: Penny and the new puppy, Simba, enjoy the heat of the wood stove.

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  1. Love it Tory. What an adorable picture of the hounds and wow what a size difference. Great photos and great commentary. Thanks for sharing it with us!