April 7, 2011

First Day of Plowing 2011

The first day of April has come and gone and so has our first day of plowing. Plowing Ron Gluck's two acre garden in Hampton is our first plow job of the Spring each year here in Connecticut (Terry has already been plowing and disking fields in Pennsylvania).

With Duke gone, Diesel's new partner is Dolly. Although she had been on "maternity leave" for most of last year, Dolly stepped right into the work force again and made a strong work partner for Diesel. The new team, Sam & Cody, was also put to the test for the first time since we brought them home, and they passed it with flying colors. They have certainly been eager and able to pull the hydraulic plow as if they hadn't had the "easy life" at a riding stable for the past few years. With us, these horses will work, but it it obvious that they will fall right in to "The Draft Horse Way of Life" quite willingly.

Photos: Top: Terry gets off the plow to let Dolly and Diesel rest after a few passes in the lower garden. The soil in this area has not been turned over as often as the top garden acreage and was considerably tougher going on horses, man and plow.
Bottom: Cedar Knoll's new team of Percherons, Cody & Sam, took to the hydraulic plow like they've been at it for years. It is the mark of a good team that can be put to farm machinery, carriage, saddle, and machinery again as if one and all were the same. Cedar Knoll is proud to have this team as our newest addition to our "draft horse family".

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  1. Now this is a time warp. I believe you are very fortunate to still be able to have the hands on experience of working the land with horses, I am jealous. Great pictures and thanks for sharing.