April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Although the day isn't dawning bright and beautiful here at Cedar Knoll Farm weather wise, it is warm and almost balmy. The view from the house out to the barn reveals horses in fog, muddy and dirty from yesterday's rain. Our son, Brandon, is home from the Big Apple, and sleeps soundly on the couch as I write this. Friday was Earth Day, Good Friday, and my birthday all rolled into one. I find it most appropriate that I share my birthday with Earth Day each year! Had the gift of family (Brandon included), a friend's delicious "funny bone" upside down cupcakes, and the beautiful gift of viewing "Water for Elephants" with Maegan and my family for my birthday. HIGHLY recommend this movie, which takes place during the depression and revolves around the circus and its magnificent animals, and equally magnificent human characters!

Have been working Diesel single this past week. I love this horse. I often wonder if he still misses his brother. I would venture to guess that he dreams of him in the night. The work does Diesel good. This is evident in his posture, in his eye, in his attitude as he stands for harnessing and as he goes down the street. The dynamics of the herd has changed. Diesel, Dolly & Gillette are separated from Danny & Dakota now, for safety sake. Dolly was once the low-man on the totem pole. Now she rules the roost, henpecking the two boys. She chases Diesel at feed time. Gillette chases her. Diesel chases Gillette. Around and around they go, looking for the herd's anchor that was once Duke.

Photo: Top: The view from our house this Easter morning.
Middle: The New Yorker sleeps through all kinds of noise and commotion, including the antics of a tiny Chihuahua.
Bottom: My birthday "Funny Bones" from my friend Erin's Chocolate Rose Bakery in Plainfield, CT.

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