April 25, 2011

In the Garden

Since we celebrated Easter on Saturday to accommodate the schedules of our (somewhat) adult children, Easter Sunday became a day of tremendous "rebirth" at the farm. Terry spent the entire day york raking the three paddocks, which required downing fences and putting them back up again. I spent a good portion of the day in the flower gardens, planting & pruning. The gold-fish pond, still in need of a good cleaning (it has rained numerous times since we pumped it, after all, and leaves blew in again), had me moving very heavy, flat rocks to build the waterfall. I am itching to get the pump working, and to fill it with orange, yellow, and silver beauties. The fence in this garden needed some repairs, and I spent the time to do this, too.

The animals, on the other hand, all had a very relaxing day. The horses had the day off, and stood chewing hay and shaking against May flies, as they watched Terry work in their paddocks. The peafowl and ducks somehow managed to get out of their protective condo into the wild blue yonder of the chicken run, and I'll be darned if we'll ever get them back to where they belong! Here's hoping they don't fly the chicken coop - they'll make a mess in the barn and gardens if they do!

Photos: Top: Getting the idea from a very creative friend (Gypsy Mare Studios), I searched my garden to see if there may be a fairy house hidden somewhere. One was found hidden under a bright orange bush, near the goldfish pond! Smoke from the chimney told me its inhabitants were very close by...
Second: Busy Bumble Bee
Third: The Mallard duck in the chicken run. His mate is sitting on eggs...will we have ducklings soon?
Fourth: A recently hatched bird egg, found in the pond garden.
Fifth: On a warm sunny day, Simba keeps me company while I work in the gardens. Because of his tiny size, however, he must remain protected from the numerous hawks that hunt our property.


  1. Oh how cool, your fairies have come back too:) Your little Simba looks fawn like lying there.

  2. Love the photo of Simba - I know exactly what you mean about the hawks. What a contrast between the size of the Percherons and Simba - can we see more??