November 16, 2009

Hay Diary

Today is Monday, November 16. This evening we lifted another round bale high into the feeder for Duke, Diesel, Gillette and Lincoln. Yesterday, November 15, we did the same for Danny, Dakota and Dolly. The before mentioned grays had been given a new bale last Wednesday evening. That means the four are eating one of these new $60.00 round bales every five days. Divide $60.00 by five and that is $12.00 per day, or $3.00 per horse. Based on Northeast prices, that is a savings of about $2.00 - $3.00 per horse per day over regular square bales. They are eating non-stop. No one appears malnourished! I project we will be after another load of round bales this coming Friday. We have found a new supplier since the two suppliers we have had before are already out of round bales for the season. We put a small load (about 135 bales) of square bales in the loft just the other day. We need to go after a tractor trailer load shortly to sustain us through the winter months - even that, if we don't have the back-up of round bales while the weather stays reasonable, won't get us through February.

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