November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving and Beyond

It was a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends, and a hectic weekend kicking off the holiday Season's carriage rides! In spite of chilly, wet weather on Friday, we had horses and carriages in Middletown on Friday night. Saturday, windy but not too chilly, saw us in both Middletown and Niantic. Sunday was wagon rides for the Advent celebrations at Blue Slope Country Museum. The horses got a good workout this weekend, and so did we. Alas, in all the hustle and bustle, the camera was left at home, so no pictures to share! We did get quite a bit of press, however, both by way of television and newspaper.

We now have a volunteer, Peter, from one of the local high schools, and he is a gem. He comes to the farm every day to help with chores - it is a requirement for his high school ag program to do some work on a farm. He is doing a tremendous job and we look forward to seeing him every day!

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