November 6, 2009

The New Clyde

We brought in a new sale horse this week - a Clydesdale named Jones. He is a good sized horse, very personable, and so far an excellent driving horse both single and team. We will be taking him to the Eastern CT Draft Horse Association's "Fun Day" at Blue Slope tomorrow and put him on a plow with another Clyde. If all goes well, he is likely sold to the other Clyde's owners.
Terry went out to the Ohio line this week to pick up a load of PMU babies out of Canada. He met the broker at a sale barn, and loaded the babies into the trailer and brought them to a farm in East Haddam, where they will eventually be adopted out. This is good news for these foals - the other alternative was the slaughterhouse.

Photos: Top: Terry driving Jones and Lincoln
Middle: Jones the Clydesdale
Bottom: The pens at the sale barn where the PMU babies were transferred.

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