November 3, 2009

Sunday's Breakfast Ride

November 1st saw us in Hope Valley, RI at friend's Diane & Jim Rockwell's farm. Each year they hold a fabulous "Breakfast Ride" from their place - a 13 mile hike through RI state forest. The morning starts off with an unbelievable breakfast - bacon on an open fire, biscuits and gravy, johnny-cakes — you name it. The ride (this year we had six teams and four or five outriders) lasted about three hours. Upon our return we had a delicious pot-luck dinner - seems we never stopped eating! It was a very relaxing, fun day.

Photos: 1) Elaine driving Danny & Dakota
2) Sam Rich with his young mares
3) Host Diane Rockwell rides a pony for fun
4) Sue & Karl Lado with their team
5) Group shot!

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