February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend

Valentine's Day weekend turned out to be very hectic. Friday and Saturday brought us winery tours, while Sunday we were at one of our favorite venues, Saybrook Point Inn. Met a lot of nice people, even friended a few on Face Book since. In spite of our best efforts to hold sleigh rides, the meager snow fall we had last week did not amount to anything and by Friday, sleigh conditions were zilch. Tonight we anticipate more snow, but it is doubtful we will get enough for sleigh rides still. We will see. It has been an odd winter.

Terry took off to New York City again today, picking up a carriage we will sell. It was a quick run and he was back in time to open the harness shop and greet customers. I stayed home to help my daughter with an art project, and to work on a website I am designing. Our work is never done.

Photos: Top: Winery Tours Friday & Saturday
Middle: Romance at Saybrook Point Inn
Bottom: Ledger and Penny, relaxing as usual.

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