February 8, 2010

A Busy Week, Filming and Rides

Cedar Knoll Farm has been busy this past week! The first half of the week was spent preparing for camera crews to arrive on Thursday, and once here, they spent the day filming and interviewing us for a special series on CPTV. The series, which focuses on people who "make their passion their living", is scheduled to begin on March 25. We have been very excited about this wonderful opportunity, and can't wait to see the end result! We will announce the specific dates and times our segment is scheduled once we get the final word. Keep checking back for updates.

Saturday was the Wilbraham Sleigh Rally in MA. We were hired to do the commercial sleigh rides for the spectators, but, because of the lack of snow cover, substituted the wagon instead. As a matter of fact, the town had to truck in snow for the ring for the competitors. It was a cold, but wonderful day, and we did quite well.

Sunday was winery tours and a proposal! Not surprisingly, the answer was YES! Congratulations to Bill and Jennifer!

Hay Diary - By Friday morning, these new round bales were all gone. We are disappointed they didn't last longer. Pound for pound they have been the most expensive round bales so far. We continue to feed out square bales until Terry comes back from PA, at least.

Photos: Top: Sunday at the winery was COLD!
Second: Congratulations to Bill and Jennifer on their engagement.
Third: Our friend Andrew (who bought Annie from us), showed up at the sleigh rally and helped us out.
Bottom: Filming on Thursday included our carriage rides to the winery.

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  1. How fun! Congrats on the great publicity! I always love seeing the photos of your beautiful horses but had to look long and hard at your first pic to amke sure you weren't being attacked by a bear! :)