February 20, 2010

Good Wine, Good Times

Winery tours again today. It was a beautiful day, warm and idyllic. Duke & Diesel did the honors again, simply because they remain clean under their blankets. Danny & Dakota, quite frankly, are looking like little piggies. Dolly is getting bigger and bigger by the day, and showing signs of being a temperamental momma - she lifted her leg at the vet yesterday while he checked her belly for signs of a second heartbeat. Gillette somehow lost his blanket in the middle of the night, and now sports a new, cleaner one. Lincoln waits his turn to be the "single" horse on a job somewhere. Meanwhile, we are booking our new Cinderella Carriage (4 bookings as of 10PM tonight) before it even comes home. We are gratefully renting a large garage at a neighbor's stable just down the road now, where most of our carriages and sleighs will be kept. It is necessary as we have run out of room here at the farm.

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