February 13, 2010

Shoeing Duke & Diesel

Matt, our farrier, came by yesterday to shoe Duke & Diesel. Although their feet weren't particularly long, it was time to do some maintenance on them to prevent any problems. Matt says they are doing much better, their feet are improving (especially Duke's) and the DL Methianine seems to be helping. Diesel still needs a bit of epoxy, but nothing like it was this past summer. Of course the true test will be to see what happens this summer, when a year's worth of hoof will be done growing.

Matt finished the team just in time for us to get them harnessed and hooked to a vis-a-vis for a winery tour. As usual, this very nice couple (all the way from Scarsdale, NY) had a fantastic time. Although we had advertised for sleigh rides, Wednesday's snow storm proved to be wimpy and only dropped a couple of inches, which melted quickly. Yes, there is still snow on the ground, but it is a thin layer and not suited to good sleighing. Winery tours are a great alternative - and so starts a very, very busy holiday/Valentine's weekend!

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