January 11, 2010

Harassing Cold

Winter and cold temperatures continue to harass us here (single digits at night), creating hardships. I think about our ancestors who farmed the land here in New England, and of the hours, days and weeks wasted, just trying to maintain and survive. Yesterday was such a day for us here. Saturday night Terry, believing the nine horses in the barn didn't have enough water throughout the day, went out to water again. In doing so, he forgot to shut off the valve that keeps our frost free hydrant from freezing. By Sunday morning, it was frozen solid, and hours with a torch (all day, really) didn't melt the ice in the pipe below the concrete. The water to the barn has thus been shut off for the winter, and a day in the near future will be spent with a jack hammer, breaking up the barn floor to see if the pipe below has burst. Meanwhile, we have added an extra length of hose to come from the house to water horses in and out of the barn - the good news there is that we have hot water from the house.

On a happy note: Terry's trip to Pennsylvania yielded yet more chickens! New banty hens for the condo. I just love these little banties! They bring a smile to my day.

Hay Diary: We put up 200 bales into the loft yesterday, with the help of friends Posie & Red. This is from the load Terry bought in PA, some of which remains in storage at our friend's barn down there. The round bales outside are dwindling fast, and we anticipate needing new round bales within a couple of days if not sooner. Even with the horses in the barn at night, they are eating tremendous amounts to keep themselves warm. In spite of some of the hardships we have, I am grateful for our resources, our friends, and the continued good health of the lovely horses we work so hard for.

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  1. Hi Elaine - just catching up with your blog! We can relate to the water problem - a leak last summer caused Jack to have to dig up our frost-free spigot not once but twice...thought it was fixed until we discovered it was leaking UNDER the barn. Now we're running a hose from the house too...nothing like draining that thing in 10 degree weather. Ah, the farming life....
    --Julie K.