January 16, 2010

Manhattan Trip

Wednesday Terry and I took the truck and trailer into Manhattan to pick up a vis-a-vis from one of the stables to offer it for sale here at our shop. A friend who boards at Shamrock Stables is moving his horses and carriages to another stable, as the city is closing Shamrock down. The building itself is owned by the city, and it is not renewing the lease.

There are a total of five carriage stables in New York City, all within about a twenty block radius in the area known as Hell's Kitchen (on the west side). Within those stables live 220 horses. I have a really interesting article coming out in the February issue of Horseman's Yankee Pedlar about the Central Park carriage horses. It should be out by the end of January, so check back and I will have a link to the on-line issue.

Photos: Top: Terry and I driving our friend Ariel's horse & carriage in Central Park, during an earlier trip into the city this year.
Bottom: Terry outside Shamrock Stables on 45th Street

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