January 23, 2010

Ledger the Chihuahua-Pomeranian Puppy

Our quest for the perfect companion for our daughter, Maegan, turned fruitful on the last day of our trip to Pennsylvania this past week. Although she originally had her heart set on a tea-cup chihuahua, we found her a chihuahua-pomeranian mix, and Maegan couldn't be happier! She named him Ledger, after her favorite actor, Heath Ledger. The puppy came from a cousin of our Menonite friend, who breeds these crosses, purebred Yorkies, and thousands of ducks for the New York China Town market (the ducks, not the dogs!). After coming home from school on Friday and seeing Ledger for the first time, she immediately took him shopping for a hoody, a tiny collar and leash, chew toys and a little dog bed. Walmart authorities didn't catch on to the puppy in her purse until she was on her way out with her purchases.

Photos: Top: Nine week old Ledger in Terry's cowboy boots.
Bottom: Maegan with Ledger (contentedly tucked into her hand bag).

Hay Diary: By the time we returned from PA on Friday morning, the three greys were close to being finished with their round bale we set out before leaving on Monday. Dolly and the bays still have quite a bit left to theirs, and it should last till tomorrow night at least. Because of an impending storm Sunday night into Monday, we won't put out round bales again until next week.

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